Dear colleagues, students and friends, welcome to the website of the Cyprus Association of Political Science (CAPS). The Association was founded in 2014 with the twofold aim of promoting research in the field of political science and of offering the opportunity to scholars residing in Cyprus to network with colleagues and students who share similar academic interests. CAPS is a non-profit organization, completely independent from political parties, groups and the government and membership is open to any student, scholar, researcher or individual studying or working on political science-related topics.

Political science is conceived in a broad manner so that the Association welcomes scholars from related disciplines, such as political sociology, political anthropology, political history, research methods, etc. CAPS aims to create space for inter-disciplinary cooperation, dialogue, argumentation and learning. Through information about developments in the field, congresses, seminars and interventions towards the polity, we envision the wide dissemination of political knowledge in Cypriot society.

If you share our goals and vision, I invite you to become a member of CAPS.

Constantinos Adamides
July 2017